Rhiannon L. Paradise


Rhiannon Paradise, with 13 years of agribusiness experience, has an extensive knowledge in execution of marketing and merchandising.  Her direct approach allows her to naturally grow lasting relationships and adapt to the changing business environment efficiently.

Entering the grain and feed industry completely by chance shortly after graduating from business school, only knowing the basics on how corn is grown, Rhiannon learned the business from the ground up and has become an expert in her field.  Having had the opportunities of working for a wide variety of Ag businesses including The Scoular Company and a regional cooperative in Ohio and most recently at Purina, a Land O’ Lakes Company, the second largest cooperative in the US, for 8 years has allowed her to build her knowledge and experience base.  These experiences have included supporting a group within the Ingredient Merchandising division at Purina that offers exclusive marketing agreements to crush plants for product and co-products used in manufacturing of both human food and animal feed as well as domestic and international trading.  She has managed all aspects of execution of the sales resulting from marketing agreements and other merchandising including logistics (truck, rail and river), documentation (domestic and export), accounting and hedging accounts.   Scoular and local coop life allowed Rhiannon to gain the understanding of basics of the agriculture, working with and understanding the needs of the farmer.

Rhiannon has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Capella University and an Associate Degree in Accounting from Sawyer Business School.  She grew up in rural Pennsylvania near Lake Erie. When she married Matt Paradise, they exchanged the daily feet of lake effect snow fall for the brisk artic winters of Minnesota and marital bliss.  They currently live happily in suburbia north of Minneapolis and Saint Paul with their two young daughters and variety of 4 legged friends.


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