Jason S. Charles


Jason Charles, originally from Canada, was born and raised on a 12,000 acre organic wheat, bean, pea and flax farm. In 1993 he re-located to the United States.  Jason is still very close to the family farm and continues to be responsible for all marketing and equipment procurement. Post University, he began his career with Cargill in Kansas City, Missouri in the areas of merchandizing and facility management. Jason was with Cargill for 8 years charging several desks around the globe to include: West Texas Feed grain trading and management, Canadian domestic and international SDCO/RBD Canola oil trading and management, and cif/export feed grain trading and management into the EU and Asia. After Cargill Jason went on to a smaller trading company for 2 years prior to beginning a position with Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. At Purina Jason was charged with leading the Global Ingredient Trading team. Responsibilities included: Domestic and International trading, employee management, profit/loss and budget responsibilities, partnership, and marketing plant management. Over the course of 5 years Jason and Team were responsible for growing and achieving a net income contribution budget of close to $10,000,000 per year.


Over the course of the last 15 years Jason has acquired a deep knowledge and experience level in regards to plant and process management, domestic/export cash trading, position management, customer retention as well as the ability to forge and retain profitable bias’s in regards to grains and oil’s.



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